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Little Owls

Hey there Superstar Parents!

Quick question: Have you noticed any wacky words or funny fumbles when your kiddo tackles reading and writing? 

Like, maybe they're mixing up their letters or their sentences are like puzzle pieces missing a fit? 

No stress! We're here to help! Our team is all about turning those reading and writing adventures into smooth sailing. Just give us a shout if you think your kiddo could use a little extra magic!

Cheers to spelling success!

Cheryl Ingram, Founder of Little Owls

Phonics & Maths Progress by little owls dubai

Phonics to Writing

Phonics & Maths Progress by little owls dubai


Phonics & Maths Progress by little owls dubai

Drop & Play

Phonics & Maths Progress by little owls dubai

Private Tutor


All of our ratings are 5 star...

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Perfect setting for a child to learn in. The efficiency and teaching methods are impeccable. Overall, Little Owls is a perfect place for a little extra help for children outside of their school

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The best place for children to enhance their phonics, maths and social skills after school. The tutors are very experienced and friendly with kids. Highliy recommend it for those parents who want to help their children reach their full potential.

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The program at Little Owls is designed in a way that engages children and makes learning fun. The instructors are knowledgeable, patient and create a supportive environmment for the students. My daughter looks forward to her classes every week.

YES, you read that right! We are so confident in what we are providing that we will guarantee results with Little Owls. If your child does not meet their targets you will be refunded in full. It's as simple as that!

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