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Hi, I'm Cheryl and I am the teacher and founder at Little Owls. I am an experienced, UK qualified teacher. I gained my qualification as a Primary School teacher with an Early Years specialism from Northumbria University, UK  and I come from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. 

I have worked for over a decade across the UAE, so I truly understand the demands on our little ones at school. It is my goal to make their journey a little easier and empower them to fulfil their potential.

As a mother and teacher, it had always been my dream to create a space that focuses purely on the best interests of each child and adapting teaching methods where appropriate. Little Owls is just that!

UK Qualified and experienced teachers

Since opening Little Owls in October 22, we have tailor made classes for many young learners. Watching each child progress in such a short space of time gives me amazing satisfaction!


Classes are taught by me and other like minded, qualified teachers. It is our mission to ensure every child is respected as an individual and empowered to learn. How can we help your little owl?

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