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Phonics to Writing
FS-Primary (3-11 Years)

FS1 spell.HEIC

Foundation Stage 1

Children will be supported in their pre-school literacy progress, developing their language skills through play based activities and stories. The level and pace of the phonics classes will be tailored to meet individual needs. Although children are place in similar level groupings, each child will be working towards their own set of goals.

Foundation Stage 2-Year 2

Young children will learn to match sounds of spoken English with individual letters or groups of sounds to decode unfamiliar words. The programme will help your child to master spelling, improve fluency in reading, handwriting as well as developing comprehension skills.


Year 2 - Year 4

Read, Write, Inc. Comprehension level is suitable for children who have completed the Read, Write, Inc. Phonics course. This literacy programme will develop reading fluency and comprehension skills. It is the ideal next step in working towards children's composition and writing skills. 

Year 5 - 6 

For children in Year 5 & 6 we will follow a specially designed intervention programme to help support older children who may have missed school or fallen behind for whatever reason that might be.


Course Materials

Our course fees include all resources required for the different programmes, including story books used in our classrooms, writing books and optional homework.

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